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What music means to me

To my mind, Bach was simply the greatest composer of all time. As a sculptor moulds his statue, so Bach would ply his craft, moulding his music so as to form a work which, when complete, conveyed meaning, a message to be communicated and shared with those around him. I see music in the same light! 

For me music is not primarily entertainment, with all the negative connotations we often associate with that word. There is no doubt that it does form part of the entertainment world, but as an art it has an ethical function too; it should educate, help us to mature, make us reflect and introduce us to a higher dimension of life. 

In a world like ours, where machines threaten to take us over completely, it seems clear to me that the time has come to reaffirm the value of music so that we can rediscover our true humanity. 

That is why I believe that despite the undiminished value of the concert hall as an environment rich with emotions, music needs to be removed from those narrow confines and taken to the people in the schools, the town squares, the parks, the stadia, etc. People need to be re-educated and their interest in music reawakened. 

We live in a society where noise is everywhere but where true music is in short supply. In fact, wouldn't it be true to say that people today find it harder to concentrate than was the case with previous generations?

Well, what do you think?




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